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Hestia Homes 2023 Milestones

2023 Hestia Homes Milestones: Oh, What a Year We’ve Had! 🎉

Hey there, lovely Hestia Homes family! Can you believe it’s already time to wind down 2023? Time flies when you’re having fun, and oh boy, have we had our share of exciting moments this year! Let’s stroll down memory lane together and revisit the incredible milestones we’ve crossed hand-in-hand.

The Instagram Party Continues! 🎈: Remember when we started sharing our little organizing adventures on Instagram? Fast forward to now, and we’re a family of over 9,000! Every heart, comment, and share from you sends our spirits soaring. Here’s to many more delightful posts and interactions!

The Terrific Trio: It’s said that the more, the merrier, and it couldn’t be more accurate for us! We expanded our merry band to include three fantastic organizers this year. They’ve brought a world of creativity and charm, and together, we’ve tackled spaces like never before!

Hello, LLC Status! 🌟: Yep, Hestia Homes is officially an LLC now! It’s a big step for us, and it’s all thanks to your continued trust. This new title reaffirms our commitment to making homes brighter and happier!

Shopping Recommendations? We’ve Got You! 🛍: Our new affiliation with Amazon means we can now point you directly to our favorite organizing tools and gadgets. It’s like shopping with a friend who knows just what you need! Check it out here

Fresh Digital Vibes: With all the changes around, we thought our website could use a little sprucing up too. We’ve given it a fresh face and a whole lot of heart, capturing the essence of Hestia Homes. Do check it out and tell us what you think!

30 Heartwarming Stories: The homes we’ve organized this year have given us over 30 heartwarming stories. Every drawer sorted and every room transformed reminds us of the wonderful bonds we’ve formed with each of you.

Closing off, I want to say a massive thank you! This year has been filled with growth, giggles, and gratitude, all thanks to you. Here’s to sharing more cups of coffee, more laughter, and many more organized corners in the coming year. Keep spreading the love and keep those spaces shining! 🏡✨ Cheers!