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(/ˈhɛstiə, ˈhɛstʃə/; Greek: Ἑστία, “hearth” or “fireside”)

The ancient Greek goddess of the hearth, the family and the home


Hi, I’m Bianca!  I founded Hestia Homes with the mission to help people declutter and organize their homes.  As I worked with clients, every time the project was finished, they would say how their feeling in the space had changed, and soon I began to realize that what we do is so much more than organizing.  Decluttering brings a sense of calm; it makes spaces usable again; it saves time, money and so much more. That is why the philosophy of Hestia Homes is “Organization is a feeling” — because for me, it is about how organizing transforms how you feel.

One of my favorite messages I have received after a job was from a husband who wrote:

“So I had to text you, I was just given the task to get a specific hairbrush for my daughter and my wife’s face cream.  I would usually fumble around searching and cursing silently to myself then give up.  This evening I found both and pranced back like a happy puppy with a new toy!  Thank you!!!!!!  Your organizing is awesome!”

I live in Encinitas, California with my husband and two daughters – Ella (6) and Avery (4).  My organizing career started here – with two young kids I felt the need to organize the chaos.  From there, I had friends ask me to help them with their homes and it grew from their referrals into the busy company we are today.

My career started originally in the corporate world.  With an MBA from UCSD, I worked in the medical device and then non-profit worlds.  I remember my grandfather had told me when I was really young to pick something I loved doing and “just do that”.  It seemed so simple, but it wasn’t until founding Hestia Homes that what he said finally clicked.

I feel lucky to do what I do — I absolutely LOVE my job! I get to help people feel happier and live better; being witness to that every day is an honor.  Plus, I am totally happy elbows deep in someone’s junk draw!

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Hestia Homes helped us to get ready for a photoshoot on our house. They did an amazing job of decluttering and styling our house with what we had on hand plus a few extras they brought along. I have ended up keeping everything exactly as they did it and loved how they transformed our home. Bianca used the space so it’s practical to live in, and looks better!  I would highly recommend Hestia’s services and will use them for our next home.




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